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Session Packages

6 Sessions for $1500

Reimaging Your Money

Feeling like your life can't move forward because you're stuck financially? Can't seem to just get the money thing to work? 


In this six-session package I'll walk you through:

  • Taking an honest look at your income and expenses.

  • Creating a cash flow for your life. 

  • Specific blocks you may have to an easy relationship with money.

  • Toxic family dynamics around money.

  • Creating a work life in which you thrive.

Money for Artists
and Creatives

Feel destined for life in a day job while doing your creative work on the side? Or are you already a full time artist who's career has stalled? 


In this special focused package we will 

  • Create ways for money to flow in while you establish (or re-establish) reliable income from your art. 

  • I'll teach you how to advocate for yourself and get rid of the passive voice, write emails, send invoices, and approach prospects. 

  • Help you break down the resistance to asserting yourself with dealers, collectors, and consultants without offending them or seeming like "too much." 

Resolving Difficult
Money Situations

Frustrated by a money situation that seems unsolvable?  Pressured by debt or taxes? Dealing with a difficult or stubborn family member? Have  a complex business, self-employment, or partnership situation?  Is there a maddening marital, addiction, or parental money situation that feels unmanageable? Having one of these types of situations can feel overwhelming. Even the smartest,  usually completely able, people get trapped in these webs. It’s hard to go it alone.


In these six sessions I’ll help you

  • Identify the critical and/or urgent matters to act on first.

  • Create a prioritized action plan. 

  • Examine  blocks and patterns. 

  • Develop strategies for approaching scary stuff and scary people. 

  • Figure out how to begin if negotiations need to happen.

Reimagining Your Money
Money for Artists and Creatives
Resolving Difficult Money Situations
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